We Have Four, What’s One More?

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By Heather
Last night while I was getting the kids done with their baths and ready for bed I swore I heard a calf bawling in my house! Now I was thinking surely I would have seen or heard Joe come in the house, and I definitely would have seen if he was bringing a calf inside. Well, I was wrong on both counts; I didn’t hear or see Joe bring in a calf. Because when I went to go check, low and behold there was a calf in the basement.

She was very cold and not doing so well. So Joe put her right by the furnace and brought in another heater to get her warmed back up. The house was the warmest it has ever been! Joe made sure there was plenty of good wood to last all night so the calf would stay warm.

The kids heard the calf, and were having troubles going to sleep. So we took them down to let them see what was making all that noise. The boys were excited but the girls weren’t sure what to think. The next morning Joe took them down to feed it and eventually Emma didn’t mind that the calf was down there.

Jake loves having a baby calf in the basement! Joe told him not to get attached because as soon as she was better she was going back to her mama.

I am not sure how well that’s going to go over. Lol

But now I know in order for Joe to keep the house nice and warm all we have to do is have a calf in the basement!

(P.S. This actually happened last week, but we wanted to make sure the calf survived before we posted it. And I’m happy to report that the calf is fine! She’s back out in the pasture with her mama.)

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