Freeze Branding Continued

Bonnie LarsonUncategorized

We freeze branded all our yearling fall-born bulls today. (If you’re wondering what the oily stuff is running down into the “W,” we ultrasound at the same time we freeze brand so my oil gets into the branding area sometimes.)

I truly enjoy freeze branding. Yes, it’s an all-day affair and a bit time consuming. But when you’re standing beside a bull doing nothing but holding irons on for a full minute, the conversation just flows. And today was no exception. If only I had written down all the things we talked about…

If you’re curious about the whole process of freeze branding, just click on yesterday’s blog post and it gives a step-by-step guide on how we freeze brand.

And if you’re really curious, we’re planning to brand the heifers on Thursday so just stop by!

Hope you have a great day!