Fun Weekend with the Kids : by Lindsay Hays

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A few weekends ago we brought these kiddos down to Maryville for a fun weekend!

We went to the lake, played at the park and had a picnic! If you notice Jessica, Cody, and I have the same shirt on this day… It wasn’t planned, and none of noticed until later. That’s what you get when everyone gets a 4-H shirt.

We went to the lake to get our feet wet…next thing we knew jeans were unrolled and getting wet. But everyone was having fun and clothes can wash so who cares! There was also a splashing war started, which was pretty fun! Lol

Cody wasn’t able to join in on all the fun since he had just gotten 6 stiches in his toe.

We had a delicious sack lunch prepared by Jake and Mom.

After our big morning everyone was ready for a nap!

Brook and I made the famous Mickey Mouse pancakes.

The church had this awesome slip n slide up after church that we got in on!

Ty loved it! Everyone had fun, but he got a running start, slid down it, and then ran back up to the top as fast as he could!

Jake, Emma, and I went down together. I either pushed or pulled them down. They didn’t have quite as much enthusiasm as Ty.

They were covered in bubbles after they went down!

There’s always lots of fun to be had when these kids come down! I think they had a lot of fun and were ready to catch up on some sleep when they got home!

Hope you have a great day!

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