Fun Weekend

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We had a super fun weekend last week.

First, we had prom Saturday night.

How handsome…

And beautiful!

And these guys had a pretty sweet ride.

It was a manual transmission, but that didn’t slow them down. Or maybe it did. Actually, it would be better if it did. I will probably find out in about 20 years just exactly what they did with this car, but for now, I am under they impression they followed every traffic law to the letter.

Thank goodness for Grandmas.

We love them!

Then on Sunday, we went down to Jessica’s recital. (See how I switched gears there? Probably about as smooth as Rhett in his car. Lol.)

Jessica played two songs, “Deep River” and “Canon in D.” And I actually thought I was going to make it through a recital without crying. (Jessica’s piano playing always brings me to tears. She’s just so good! And I’m not just saying that because I am her aunt.) However, when she started in on “Canon in D,” I lost it. She played it so beautifully! And then I imagined her playing it for Abby’s wedding and that just made me cry more. It was absolutely magnificent!

This character enjoyed it, too.

After the recital, it was off to Grandma Martha’s for our Easter dinner. (Switched gears again. So smooth.)

And you’re never too old for an Easter egg hunt.

Especially if it’s your cousins and siblings hunting with you.

Abby was the lucky winner of the Golden Egg.

And Tate found the Silver Egg. (Sorry I got you with your eyes closed!)

We had a wonderful weekend and are so blessed to be surrounded by our loved ones.

Have a great day!

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  1. It looks and sounds like a great weekend and lots of fun. I can’t believe the kids are prom age already. Was that Rhett’s car? Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

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