Girl Power

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Mom and I worked a bunch of bulls at the feed efficiency center yesterday. And while Mom and I have worked thousands of head of cattle together, I can’t remember if we’ve ever worked cattle exclusively by ourselves. But that’s how things ended up yesterday. Just Mom and I weighing, scanning, and pouring a couple groups of bulls at the testing center. What could possibly go wrong??

First, there was the unfortunate incident when her sunglasses fell out of her pocket and into the Bud Box. (The Bud Box is the pen at the back of the alley where we start the bulls up to the chute. It gets messy.) She didn’t notice until she went back to bring in more bulls…and by then the damage had been done. Luckily, they were $6 Dime Store specials, and with a little time under the faucet, I think they should clean up nicely.

(P.S. She did not actually put them on her face…we were just having a little fun at the chute. It was just us girls, remember, and we’re allowed to do that.)

Now, we may have also had one other slight, small, tiny, miniscule, minor problem, but we haven’t told Dad, Clint and Joe about it yet, so I’d better not go into detail about it here. And it really didn’t turn out to be a problem at all. We just thought it was. As in, we thought we had committed the most horrific mistake in all of cattle working history. But we hadn’t. We just thought we had.

Oh. Okay. I’ll tell you. But don’t tell Dad, Clint, or Joe.

So, for a brief period of time, we may have thought that we had accidentally lost 7 head of bulls and maybe, perhaps, kinda sorta, accidentally sent them to the Creston sale barn. But we didn’t!!! They were right where they were supposed to be all along…it just took us a few panic-stricken minutes to realize that.

But rest assured that we were able to get our cattle worked with few problems.

All’s well that ends well!

Go Girls’ Team!

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