Girls Trip

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We all headed down to Maryville over the weekend for our annual “Girls’ Trip.” This is when we all get together and get off the ranch for the weekend. (Or sometimes we spend the weekend at Grammy’s and pretend we are in a cabin in the mountains…that counts, too!)

It happened to be Abby’s birthday, so she was treated with an ice cream dessert.

But before we went out (oops, I forgot to show you this), Ashtyn gave a demonstration on how to apply eye makeup. We were all enthralled. None of us are really makeup wearers, so this was fascinating to watch.

So after our makeover and meal, we headed to an Escape Room. And if you’ve never tried one, I highly recommend it. We had so much fun! Basically, the point of an escape room is to figure out how to get out of the room. You are given a time limit (ours was one hour) to solve several puzzles by finding clues within the room which help you unlock things to discover how to get out of the room. I am happy to report that we escaped the room with eleven minutes to spare! I can’t wait till we can do another one!

Then we returned to Beck’s house and snuggled into our jammies in front of the fire and watched Hallmark Movies. We are so easy to entertain!

The next morning, we went shopping in St. Jo and had a great day.

I can’t wait till our next Girls’ Trip!

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