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My sweet niece and sweet daughter went through my closet this weekend.

They found some dresses that my mom and aunt wore when they were younger.

I remember Beck and I putting on those exact dresses when we were their age, too. I had trouble getting mine to zip. As in there was no way it was going to zip. Mom and Aunt Punk were tiny!

And then Abby found my “Saloon Girl” dress that I wore for our community play last year. (It looks much better on Abby than it did on me. Though I’m not sure that’s a good thing…)

And then back to some “old-fashioned” dresses. These might have been my favorite of the day. I can just imagine Mom wearing these dresses to a formal or graduation. No wait. I guess I really can’t. Mom just is not the dress-wearing kind.

But I bet she never thought when she was wearing those dresses 50 years ago that her granddaughters would one day wear them.

It was fun to see the girls parading around in their fancy dresses…even though the boys came along and photobombed our shoot.

Enjoy your day!

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