Grammy’s Birthday

Bonnie LarsonUncategorized

Wednesday was Grammy’s 39th (lol) birthday! Beck and the girls came up Tuesday night and we all had supper together. It was a fun time and Jakey even got to butter Grammy’s nose.

I don’t know what we would do without Grammy. One thing about her, she is always there for us. When the chips are down and there’s just no way out, you can count on Mom to come through.

I don’t know how many times she’s helped me out. Just this morning, for instance, we were working a group of cattle at the beef center and I thought we had enough help. But then Dad broke the grapple on the tractor so Clint had to go fix that instead of helping work cattle, and we were short-handed. I called Mom up to see if she would be able to fill in and, sure enough, she came right down.

Or the many times she went with Beck or I when our kids were little and we had to travel for work.
“Hey, Mom, would you want to go to Nebraska with me this week while I scan?”

“You mean travel eight hours with small children and then stay with them in a motel room for four days while you scan? What could be more fun?!” And away we would go.

Or the many times I’ve had to call and say, “Mom, we’re not quite done here. Would you be able to run pick up the kids?” And sure enough, she’d go.

And that doesn’t even begin to mention all the things she does around the farm. She puts together the breeding plan on all the cattle, she mows hay, works cattle, digs thistles, combines, and offers free advice on a wide range of topics.

I am very thankful to have such a great mom and feel blessed that our kids get to have such a good Grammy.