Grandma Brown’s Quilts – By Heather

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Last weekend we went to my Grandpa Brown’s birthday party in Lenox. It was a great day spending time with family. I felt like it was my birthday party for the beautiful gift my Grandma had made for Joe and me.

I thought this quilt was absolutely beautiful! She had also made each of the kids one as well.





They are all perfect for each kid and they love them!

While I was taking pictures of these I thought back to my graduation. She made each of us grandkids graduation quilts. These were a hit! Everyone who came got to see pictures of us growing up and got to sign the quilt. So I decided to get it out but it was so big it covered my living room floor!

It was a lot of fun to look at it again. The kids thought I was really cool, I just may have to get it out more often! Thank you Grandma for all the lovely quilts! We enjoy them!

Have a great day!

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  1. The quilt your grandma made for you and Joe is absolutely beautiful! It looks so pretty on your bed. The ones she made for the kids are just perfect. When I see a handmade quilt, I think of all the hours (weeks, months) it took to make it, and I know that every moment of every hour was an outpouring of love. Your grandma is truly special.

  2. They are beautiful and the kids will cherish them even as they get worn. Lots of work and love went into them.

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