Grandma Lois’s Through the Years

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You saw the trip to Grandma Lois’s this year but I thought it would be fun to do a blog on the previous years. We have been going since 2007. I always look forward to going and always have a lot of fun!

This is 2007. Who knew a bird bath could be so fun!? Clockwise from left: Rhett, Jessica, Ashtyn, Matt, Lindsay, and Cody.

2009 For some reason they had to corral us in the back of the truck to get a picture of us together! From the left: Matt, Ashtyn, Jessica, Abby, Lindsay, Cody, and Rhett.

2010 All the kids sit in the laundry room to eat. Clockwise starting from top: Jessica, Cody, Matt, Rhett, Abby, Lindsay, and Ashtyn.

2011 We celebrated Grandma’s 90th birthday! We had a nice party with serval relatives. Ashtyn didn’t go that year.

There are always lots of boots there!

2012 We had a new addition that year! Ty is the baby!

These are the wonderful ladies that take us up there every year, with Grandma!

2013 I am sure our parents loved it when Grandma gave us ice cream right before we had a 2 ½ hour car ride back home!

2014 Jake, on the left, was born right after our 2013 trip.

2015 Emma is the new addition this year!

I am pretty sure we ride this swing every year! Aunt Bon is an awesome pusher!
We were not able to go last year. We were all so bummed.
We all have a lot of fun on this trip!
Have a good day!

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