Greetings from Colorado

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Well, hello everyone. Today I have something that I need to get off my chest… 🙂

My garden! It’s soooo pretty!!! It’s just starting to grow, but I just love to look at it! And the dirt is gorgeous! And I can’t wait until I have loads of tomatoes to haul to the house to can pints upon pints of salsa! And the corn, man it’s really growing! Not to mention the grass. It’s actually green!

Ok…. I must confess. This was 2018’s garden. (I’m trying not to cry.) See those tomato cages? Yep, those tomatoes would get up to the top of them! I remember when I complained about hauling 50 pounds of tomatoes up the hill! Can you believe it? How dare me. And I remember dreading to go pick green beans. The nerve! Today I got excited that I had a pea pod to bring inside and munch on! Oh to the days when I shelled peas for 45 minutes.

I remember the day we were leaving our house in Maryville, it was pouring down rain, but I went and retrieved 3 of my best tomato cages. My favorites were the big ones. The smaller ones just didn’t provide enough growing room. I laugh at myself for my foolish thinking back then!

Things do not grow like they do back there. I’m watering my garden 4 times a day just trying to get them enough water that they can grow and produce. You wouldn’t even recognize our soil as soil. Aunt Heather asked me what I had my rhubarb planted in. What do you mean??? I planted it in the ground. It’s pretty sad. But on a brighter note, my garden is already looking better than last year. I’m hoping I will be able to can but I’m trying not to get my hopes up. I’m just looking for improvement.

Anywho, moral of the story… Don’t take rain or your black dirt for granted. I did, but now I’m learning how lucky I was to have those wonderful growing conditions. I hope later this summer I will be able to show you some fruit from my labors of watering 4 times a day!

Have a great day and go enjoy your dirt! It is a precious commodity! (I know that sounds silly, but the struggle is real.)
Thanks for listening to my rambling.
P.S. Mom thought I could show a picture of my garden out here… But I just don’t think I can do it. Here’s a hint. I’ll consider myself very lucky if my garden looks like the picture, by the end of the year. I got to go, it’s time to water my garden again.

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