Handsome Boys – By: Heather

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This has been awhile now but since they have been working on hay instead of the building like I thought they were going to, I couldn’t think of anything to share.

One day Matt was over playing with my kids and Jake had put on Matts hat. When I walked outside I swore he was Matt’s twin and it kind of creeped me out a little.

Matt was telling Jake not to smile, look fierce! It was hard for him because Matt was laughing the entire time and Jake had a hard time looking fierce, which I can’t remember why he couldn’t smile because Matt always has a smile on.

They both are very handsome boys! And they must have got it from the Werner side, how far back I am not sure cause although Jim, Joe and Clint tan easy, and I can’t say this for sure since I haven’t seen Jim or Clint swimming but if you see Joe in swimming trunks and try to remind him to take his undershirt off, and then he angrily informs you he isn’t wearing a undershirt, he is just that pasty white under his work clothes. Lol But not these boys, they are tan all over!

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