Happy Birthday, Bon! – By Becky Hays

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Saturday, September 16th is Bon’s birthday! I thought I’d share a little more about the person behind this blog. As her older sister…oh, where to begin??? ☺

Let’s see…as a child, she was the one that picked on everyone. Later, she channeled that energy into sports. She was, and still is, great at basketball, softball, and is learning a thing or two about football.

Ladylike is not a term you would have used to describe my sister. Mom would tell the story about painting our white board fence when we were little. Mom would set us back, out of the way, to watch. When she finished painting, I would still be clean and Bon would somehow be covered in paint.

Fashion, hair, and make-up were never high on either of our list of priorities. However, I did not cut a chunk of my bangs off at the scalp…during high school…before prom…like someone else I know. Yet, she can now look quite trendy in her leggings, hat hair, and a dust mask!

Did I mention she has to know what is going on with all people, at all times?

All joking aside, as much as we fought as kids, Bon is my best friend. I am so proud of her!

She is an amazing mother…

an awesome no-till gardener,

a fun aunt,

and a hardworking ranch hand.

Here is her lovely family. Her house is always clean. She is ready to lend a hand where needed, she takes on the jobs no one else really wants, and her door is always open. She welcomes nieces, nephews, neighbors and friends into her home at all times. Her faith is strong. She buses kids to Awanas; she volunteers with school, church, and cattle organizations. And she does it all with a pep in her step, a smile on her face, and a can-do attitude. She is truly the person most of us wish we could be.

Happy Birthday, Bon!

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