Happy Birthday, Code-man

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I’m sorry I’m so slow in getting your birthday post up. I should have done this days ago!

But anyway, happy birthday, Cody!!!

So let me tell you a little bit about this guy.

First, he’s a cowboy. He was bucked off more horses by the time he was 5 than most people are in a lifetime. And when I say “more horses” I should really just say Nugget… his pony. I can remember one time we were riding in the arena and Cody couldn’t have been much more than 5 and Nugget decided he wanted to make a break for it and Cody went flying. My heart was in my throat. But Cody just did a beautiful tuck and roll and bounced off the ground like nothing had happened. He’s tough, too.

And he’s a cutie.

He’s a great cousin.

He’s not afraid to get dirty. I have a video of Matt and Cody when they were little and they created this huge mud hole in the yard and proceeded to take all their clothes off and treat it like a big slip and slide. They were literally covered from head to toe. I have no idea where the adult in charge was. She must have been busy picking her toe nails in peace and quiet. (**Wink, wink**)

He’s fun loving.

He’s a hard worker.

He’s a great brother.

And a great friend.

And the best darn cousin/nephew/brother we could ask for!

Hope you had a fun birthday, Code!

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