Happy Birthday Emma Mae!

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She has grown so much in just 2 short years.

She loves anything sweet. If someone gets done with their meal and moves on to dessert she will shove as much as she can into her mouth or somehow make it disappear so she can get her dessert too.

She loves her books! She may not let you finish before she changes the page on you but she always has a book in hand.

She loves to be outside helping any chance she can get. If someone is leaving the house she will be waiting at the door for you to take her with you!

She has a smile that brightens your day! Love you pretty girl!

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  1. Happy birthday, Emma! I can’t believe you are two already. You found a way into all of our hearts from the day you were born. We were sad at losing Grandma and then, there you were! You have continued to make us all smile ever since. Love, you, little girl!

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