Happy Birthday, Grammy!

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Today is Mom’s birthday. And to help her celebrate, I thought we’d go over a few of the things that make her a wonderful mom.

First, she’s always there for you. This week alone, she took Grandma to a doctor’s appointment three hours away only to come home that night and hang out at my house with my two youngest while we were at a football game. Then, she went with some high school friends to visit their basketball coach whose health is failing. She no more than got home from that than she went with Beck to Ames to offer moral support at Ultrasound Certification. Then she’ll get home from that and go with more friends on Friday for a fun little “Ladies Day.” WHEW! Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Second, she’s always willing to share her opinion. Sometimes you don’t even have to ask! Which is nice, because you never have to wonder how she feels about a situation.

Third, she’s a great ranch hand. She’s our go-to-girl for mowing hay, hauling silage, moving cows, working cows, etc.

And finally, she loves the Lord and loves her family more than anything else. We are so blessed to have her in our lives!

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