Happy Birthday, Jessica!

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Today is Jessica’s birthday. She is officially a teenager! And she just happens to be in Texas right now celebrating with her family. (They didn’t go to Texas just for Jessica’s birthday. They had to haul some cattle down and it just happened to coincide with Jessica’s birthday.)

Jessica is one of my most favorite nieces. (Of course, I could say that about all of them.) But Jessica’s disposition is second to none.

She’s sweet, loving, kind, gentle, soft spoken, slow to anger. I can’t remember the last time I heard her get upset with someone. Well, unless you count her sister, but even when that happens, it’s usually short lived.

She’s the best cousin and friend you could ask for. She’s usually willing to try new things and she doesn’t care to be in charge.

Jessica’s always got a smile and likes to make other people happy as well. She’s calm under pressure, and I can say that she tops the list of people I would like to have with me in times of stress. Like when you blow a tire on the interstate in the dark. Jessica didn’t get upset for even a second. She just calmly and coolly handled the situation. And prayed.

Jessica loves the Lord and hopes that one day He will use her as a missionary.

I love Jessica very much and am blessed to have her as part of our family.
Happy Birthday Jessica!

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