Happy Helpers – By: Heather

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Over the weekend, we had some really good helpers! So since they were willing, Joe and I decided to get some really good use out of them.

All except Jake look happy about it too!

We once again went out and cut some wood to keep us nice and warm, but this time, I for one had a lot more fun with these girls along.

Everyone had their Super Gecko muscles on that day!

This time though, Brook didn’t just sit and watch; she wanted to be held! And let me tell you it is really hard to hold her in one arm and a log in the other. But thanks to my happy helpers, she was switched around so I could help more!

At one stop, the kids had this really cool tree to play on!

We only went for one load this time but Lindsay got it stacked just right so we wouldn’t lose any on the way home!

When we were all done, everyone was still happy and this time Jake even had a smile for me! He was probably thinking (Yay!! We get to go home!!) This was a great group to work with. We love you!

Have a great day!!!

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