Happy (Late) Thanksgiving! by: Lindsay Hays

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Our family had our Thanksgiving dinner in Colorado. I had just gotten back from college a day or two before so we decided not to make the drive again. Even though it was just us we still cooked enough food to feed an army, but that’s the fun part!

The hope was to have some deer loin to go with our Thanksgiving, and by golly Cody pulled through! About a week before Thanksgiving he shot a deer with his recurve bow! I’ll have to do a blog about those details later! Oh, Mom, I’m sorry you can see the kitchen in this picture. She wouldn’t be happy that it’s going on the world wide web, so please understand readers.

Here’s a picture of our beautiful plate!

Here’s a picture Aunt Bon sent to us! (I’m not sure what we would do without Snapchat…) They had their own dinner on Thanksgiving evening at Grammy’s. Grandma Lois was able to be there, too, and I’m sure she was happy!

We played a little bit of football, but it was more like catch. We were a little heavy on bench warmers…

We messed with the horses in the morning while we were waiting to prepare the feast.

This is Cody’s horse, Rooster. He’s out of our mare, and he and Cody have been best buds since forever. They are starting to work on roping now.

The day after Thanksgiving we went Christmas tree hunting! I’m one of those people that require a real tree for Christmas. But NOT one of those perfect Hallmark Christmas trees. I don’t know why I feel so strongly about it, but the more “rustic” the prettier.

Here’s Clark and Russ hanging lights up! Oh, whoops! I mean Dad and Cody. Anyone know what I’m talking about? We have watched that movie so many times… It’s Cody’s dream to have a house like Clark’s (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation).

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!
Talk to you later!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. The Christmas tree makes me think of the ones we used to get when we were kids and lived on the farm. Looks like all had a great meal and family time.

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