Happy Mothers Day!

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So yesterday was Mother’s Day 2021. That means that most of you made it through that Spring Break that never ended back when COVID emerged! Some of you may have found you enjoyed the extra time with your kiddos, other’s may have found that the time apart makes the together time you have in the evenings much more enjoyable.

Leading in with that I think this is the perfect time to celebrate my mom (Becky).

Mom voluntarily homeschools us kids along with running her ultrasound business, and a few other gigs to keep her busy. Now, I should clarify that the desk in the picture is not hers. However, it does make for a nice picture! Mom’s desk is usually a couple inches deep in papers including anything from school papers to grade to data to review. She often has several things going on at one time, but rarely does anything get neglected. I’ll share a little childhood memory that highlights Mom’s multitasking ability. I remember standing in front of her desk needing to ask her a question, but she was talking on the phone… Apparently, I thought Mom was a superhero, because I proceeded to ask her my question. Somehow, she was able to answer my question, flawlessly continue her conversation on the phone, and work on the computer at the same time! And she must not have been that bad of a teacher, because I haven’t much trouble getting straight A’s in college. Thanks for investing so much time in us Mom! It’s reassuring to know that you’re always just a phone call away when I’m at college! Love you!

And speaking of college…

Aunt Bon and Uncle Will’s house kind of became my second home. But then again, it probably always has been. Aunt Bon always has someone extra that she welcomes into her house, and I think Uncle Will’s grown accustomed to extra faces showing up at the dinner table. She also has several things going on at one time, but never is she to busy for a good visit. And maybe that’s why people enjoy going to her house. She makes each person feel special. Another of her great qualities is her ability to take time and teach the younger generation something new. In the end by preparing someone else how to do the job, it will save her time, but not everyone has the ability or patience to actually teach. Aunt Bon, it’s amazing how you can get everything done and still do it with smile and a cheery attitude. Love you!

Aunt Heather may not be blood, but she sure is family! It’s amazing everything she does. And the thing about her job, is that most of it is done behind the scenes. During the summer she may have 20+ people that show up at her house for lunch. It’s easy to take for granted a delicious meal, always hot and ready whether we show up 30 minutes early or an hour late. Oh, and she does that along with taking care of her four kids! I’ve filled in for her a few times, and I can say it is a mental workout. And a bit of a physical workout for me, because by the end of it I’m typically running around the kitchen. Aunt Heather always does it with grace and poise, though. She also has people coming and going from the house constantly, either needing some papers, a glass of iced tea, or something to snack on. And she doesn’t even holler at them when they walk through the kitchen with their boots on. She has such a servant’s heart. She cooks for everyone, takes care of her kids, often plans church events to hold at the farm, and has selflessly and joyfully offered her time and home to Grandma Lois. Thank you for everything you do Aunt Heather! We wouldn’t know what to do with out you! Love you!

The newest member of the family is Marci. While we may not have grown up with her, she fits right in! I don’t know how many times I have heard “Let’s see what Marci’s doing!”, when they need an extra tractor driver, or someone to help work cows. And you know what? She always shows up! If Aunt Heather’s gone, she’ll send a crock pot of food for the guys to eat at lunch. And when she’s hauling silage or moving cows, she’s always got room to take one of the little kids with her. I’m so glad you’re part of the family! Love you!

Grammy… without her I wouldn’t have gotten to write about everyone above. And without her, whose house would we have gone to afterschool for a snack? Without her who would have had slumber parties with us, and stayed up late playing cards? Who would have a witty comeback for each comment you make? Whose house would we spend all of our holidays at, if it weren’t Grammys? Who would help work cattle with a smile, even on the icky days? Who would spend hours in a hot tractor all summer? Who would everyone call for a pantry item that they forgot to grab at the store, if not for Grammy? Who else could we send an English paper to and expect it to come back completely rewritten in red? (I had to throw that one in there.) But seriously Grammy, if it weren’t for all your time, love, and care there wouldn’t be any of us. Thanks for always being there for a good laugh, or helping hand. Love you!

Aunt Heather had this wall hanging made for Grandma Lois and I love it. I think what I love most about it is what it shows… Love, time, and care can produce great things, and I may be a little biased, but I would say it has produced a great family. I think that all of us hope that when we’re 99 years old we can be just like Grandma Lois. She’s in great health and great spirits. Every time I’m around her I can’t get over how sharp and observant she still is. When I was filling in for Aunt Heather like I mentioned above, Grandma noticed she hadn’t seen Brookie for a while. Let me clarify that this was at the time that I was running around the kitchen… So, she asked me “Where’s the little one at?” And thankfully Brookie chose that moment to come walking down the hallway, because let’s just say I didn’t exactly have an answer to that question. I love that Grandma can still keep everyone in line even when she’s 99, and she does it in such a sweet loving manner.

Hopefully by the time us younger girls are mothers we will be prepared to be the best, because we got to learn from the best! All of us kids should feel blessed that God gave us such great Mom’s.

I hope all the other Mom’s out there had a great Mother’s Day and know that you are loved and appreciated for everything that you do!


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  1. Wow, Lindsay! You made me cry!! I’m so proud of you and am so blessed to be your mom (and Jessica’s, and Cody’s.) We truly are blessed to have our family. You laid it out so beautifully. This will be a great reminder on those days that I get a little frazzled with my to do list! Love you sooooo much!

  2. Beautiful sentiments, Lindsay! You are blessed to have such incredible strong, loving women guiding your family. I can see the next generation following closely in their footsteps.

    Family ties are the best and you are so blessed!

  3. What a great tribute to your family. I have always enjoyed the Werner family and admired their dedication to hard work and family. You kids are certainly blessed. Nice job!

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