Having Fun with the Little Ones by: Lindsay Hays

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Heather got her wisdom teeth pulled on a Monday. We got to keep Jake 3, Emma 1 ½, and Brook who is 4 ½ months old. Ty stayed up in Iowa and kind of bounced from house to house. Poor Aunt Heather! She really wanted to take them back the next morning, but decided it would be best if she got some more rest. We happily agreed to keep the kids for as long as needed! Wednesday morning, when she woke up her throat was swollen to where she couldn’t talk and had trouble breathing. Uncle Joe took her to Des Moines. The dentist office said she would need surgery that night, then sent her to the ER. It was really scary for everyone, but after surgery, lots of rest in the hospital for a few days, and many prayers, she was able to come home. She was really missing her kids after being gone for 6 whole days! Here is a glimpse at our very busy week!

Our days would start with getting everyone fed and dressed then heading down to the office so we could get a tiny little bit of school done and Mom could do images.

We went out to the farm one afternoon so I could pick out some steers, and Jessica needed to get some insects for her collection in Science.

Mom would say “Oh, there’s a bug,” and Jake would run over and stomp on it! He didn’t get the whole point that they wanted them intact, but I think he finally caught on!

Mom, Jake and Emma, are taking a rock before bed time.

Dad has got two big happy girls on his lap.

Dad and Cody were in charge of Brook after supper one night while the other two were taking their bath. If you’re wondering what they are all looking at they’re watching football on TV. ☺

Dad decided he would take us out one night to supper. We were really excited and the kids were really good! Right at the end of the meal, Jake was finishing eating his ice cream when he heard some thunder. Let me tell you… he does not like thunder! He started crying so we all hurriedly finished our dessert and went home. He still really didn’t like the storm so Uncle Craig fixed that for him…

The new invention: The Thunder Blockers!!! They really worked! Jake was fine–he couldn’t hear the thunder! He really couldn’t hear anybody who talked to him for that matter, but he was happy.

We must have worn them out while they were down here because they slept well on the way back home to IA.

We had lots of fun with them! I must say it was really weird at home without having a baby in your arms, or Jake and Emma running into your room in the morning just to say “Hi”. We miss them a lot, but guess it’s a good feeling to actually get some school work done again!