Hays Bull Sale by: Lindsay Hays

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Last weekend we had our Hays Land and Cattle bull sale.  It was a nice day with the temperature in the high 40s.  Last year it was in the 70s though.  This year was a kind of meet-in-the-middle temperature for people and bulls.

I’m in charge of lunch, along with Jessica and Cody’s help.  We do brisket sandwiches every year, which are always a hit.  Then we do a couple sides and dessert.  I like to switch the dessert up every year, and this year I decided cookies with some sheet cakes.    Here are some pictures of the food.

Mom and Cody peeled the potatoes while I got them boiling.  When I started mashing and adding all the ingredients I thought it would never end.  J  Mom was not appreciative that I put this picture in. (Now, Mom brought to my attention that I should probably give an explanation for why we are peeling potatoes on the floor; you know it’s not normal and all.  Well, when we were little we were making a bunch of chicken pot pies to freeze, and Mom had us peel potatoes and carrots.  She didn’t care how we did it as long as we got it done.  Hence came the famous potato peeling on the floor.  Lol. )

Here are all the cookies.  I was really happy with how they turned out!  I really liked the how our brand turned out on the cookies.

These look tasty.

Mmm.  Delicious sides.

Ok.  Are you hungry yet?  We’ll move on.

There was lots of good help up at the barn getting the bulls blown and tags washed.

The bulls did great!  In fact while Mom and I were setting up in the “kitchen” there were a couple of kids that came running down the hill and through the barn.  Mom and I looked at each other and said, “Well, that should get them ready for a bunch of people.”  The bulls hardly acknowledged that the kids were running right by them.

Most of the family from Iowa came down.

We had a great kitchen crew.  The girls from the office helped us with the bull sale, too.

The past few years all the kids at the sale have found a place to play.  Last year it was in some feed buncks.  This year they found a dirt/ rock pile to play in.  Ty and Jake were pretty dirty when they got done.  Thankfully they had snow pants on so they could strip them off before the car ride home.  I don’t think Jackson, the other boy, got as dirty (I hope).

All in all we had a good day, and we got bulls sold.  Next Saturday we will be heading up to IA to help Werner Family Anugs with their cow sale.

Have a great day!

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  1. I don’t see a lot of enthusiasm in the peelers faces! Food looked great Lindsay. Noticed plates at the Werner table were empty!

  2. Never thought of letting the peeling fall on the floor. Guess I will have to give it a try and make Rodger clean them up!! Great seeing all the pictures and the food looks great.

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