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It has been a while since the last blog!  I’ve been back home in Colorado for the summer and missed out on all the happenings around here.  I got to work at a large animal vet clinic and let’s just say I had plenty of things to keep me busy and entertained!  I had a lot of fun there.  Each day there was something different to do and something new to bring home and report.  😊  Anyway, college is back in session and while that means back to classes it also means I get to take trips up to IA and see what I find to do!

First on the list was salsa making.  It’s that time of year, and Aunt Bon is always happy to have helpers!

We were hurrying through the tomatoes, peppers, and onions.  You see we had “coffee time” later that morning and we didn’t want to be the last ones upstairs…

But Aunt Heather and Brookie got there before we were quite finished up.  So, Brook jumped in and helped us finish up!

And then the event that we had all been waiting for. Coffee time!  Some people (particularly guys and non-coffee drinkers) don’t understand what’s so special about coffee time.  It’s really a girl’s thing.  The guys are not invited.  At coffee time you get to catch up on everyone’s lives and talk about everything and anything.  Let’s be honest, the guys probably couldn’t handle it. Then for the first time in “coffee time” history it went mobile.

We were called out to the field, so we decided why not just take our coffee with us.  (Oh, and I think Brookie took this picture, and it was at an angle.  Our coffee cups are not just magically staying on a steep incline.)

On our way back to the house we came across these three cowboys and a lone horse.  We were a little concerned about the lone horse as Grampy had been with them.  But they informed us that all was well, and he had just started hauling the heifers.

Sooo much energy!

Then Matt went to help haul the last few loads of heifers, so I took the camera and went along with him.

These pretty girls were headed to their calving pasture to settle in before they started calving.

On to the trailer they go.  After a few more trips back and forth they were all hauled, ready to settle into their calving pasture.

Then to wrap the day up, Brook, Emma, Aunt Bon, and I took a walk through the pasture to check the cows and calves.  Such a pretty way to end the evening.

There’s always something going on when I get up there on the weekends.  Hopefully you enjoyed following along on our event filled day!

Have a great rest of your day!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It was great to see all of them and I missed them over the summer. Hope your year at school goes well.

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