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Well, it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us and I apologize.  It’s not really that I’ve run out of things to share it just seems that there was so much going on I ran out of time.  I have made it back home to Colorado for about a month before I head back to college, and have been having a good time!

Papa Jim, Grammy, Matt, and Abby came out to stay with us for about a week. The ranch that Dad works for has been working some cattle so we tagged along and pitched in.  Most of it has involved cattle and mountains, which are about my two favorite things.  Matt has been looking forward to this as he LOVES cowboying.  He especially loved the fact that this is ranch country and he didn’t see many or any corn fields when we made it to the mountains.  Abby thought that the country was very pretty, but she’s more of a farm girl at heart.

Ok, without further ado I’ll get into the details and show the pictures, which is probably what everyone really wants to see.

Our fist adventure started with weaning some pairs.  This is the boys coming back from the loop around the pasture “checking for strays”.  I put this in quotation marks because it was mainly an excuse to ride some more in the mountains.

We were preg checking and pouring the cows.  I ran the chute, because nobody seemed to want to.  So I just volunteered.  It’s usually my job anyway.  Dad stressed the importance on not missing one, as Dad’s always do.   Only this time it was a little more pressure.  The cows headed straight back out on the big pasture and there were no gates to stop them.  So after a couple head then it dawned on me why nobody wanted to run the chute…  But, you’d be happy to hear that I was able to keep my reputation and didn’t miss one.

So pretty!

The boys went back up to this ranch the next day and really got to do some exploring!  They had a fun time and saw a little heard of elk.  I’ll see if I can find any pictures from that.  The other adventure further up the mountains is probably my favorite.  We stayed in a beautiful cabin on the ranch and PAP (pulmonary artery pressure) tested about 200 bulls.

I’ll share that later!

Hope you have a good day and try to stay cool!


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