Helping Move Cows

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The other morning Joe called and asked the girls and me if we could help move a few cows. It was really cold so of course I was thinking; um I would rather not, but Emma was all for it! So we got all bundled up and loaded up in the Kubota and headed out.

Girls keep your eyes open! I took picture after picture to get a good one, and then finally Emma told me it was just too cold to keep their eyes open while they were looking at me!

Joe really did all the work we just sat there and made sure they turned where he wanted them to.

Last week they finished the new alley way leading to the new barn from the old and they put bulls through it the day after but I didn’t make it out for that. So I figured since I was “helping” I would get pictures of these girls going through. Let me tell it was smooth sailing; they just walked right on through. Joe did not jump up and down or whoop and holler once!

Just walked them right in!

They took all the “fun” out of it! Lol

When we got inside we had to get all our warm clothes off. While I was working on one girl the other slipped and fell. It was the funniest thing I had seen! I stopped laughing long enough to get a picture!

She wasn’t impressed with the fact that I was laughing and taking pictures before helping her up! She tried rocking back and forth but it just wasn’t working. If you have seen the movie “The Christmas Story” and are picturing the kid all bundled up lying in the snow not being able to get up, you would have been laughing right along with me!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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