Homecoming King

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I’m excited to announce that we have royalty in our family! Yes, it’s true, I am now Mother-of-the-King. How exciting! (And I just love the Queen’s expression in this picture:)

We had Homecoming a couple weeks ago and Rhett was named King.

I’m not sure what any of his Kingly Duties are other than to ride in the parade….

And participate in the pep rally.

But I know he believes that being King entitles him to a 5-course breakfast served on a silver platter each morning promptly at 7:00. Or at 6:15 if he has college algebra. I tell ya, this Kingship has gone straight to his head! Lol. Just kidding.

Here are some more fun pictures from Homecoming…

The jersey auction.

The Fathers versus Seniors tug of war. (The fathers won.)

The parade…

And finally, the pep rally. Ashtyn and her fellow cheerleaders helped head up this event.

It was a great Homecoming!

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