Hot Pursuit

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Will and Abby had to scan one day last week, which left Matt, Rhett, and me in charge of tagging the calves and checking to cows. And when I say “me” here, I mean that loosely. I actually had no part in tagging the calves. I was more the record keeper/photographer/safety adviser/cheerleader/worry wort. Jack of all trades…that’s me.

I love this picture, by the way. It may end up on my wall.

One calf we had to tag was several days old and quite frisky.

The momma knew something was up the moment the boys got close and she headed for the hills.

But she couldn’t get away from my crack-shot ropers.

Sorry for the blurriness. It was a fast-motion situation. And though “photographer” was one of my jobs for the day, it probably shouldn’t have been. I have no idea how to adjust my camera for action shots.


The boys tagged the calf and I got to practice my cheerleader/safety adviser/worry wort skills. I’m pretty good at those. Although I may have screamed like a girl and the boys may have said I acted like Aunt Beck when I was pretty sure the heifer was going to eat my lunch. But see, “brave soldier” wasn’t on my list of duties for the day, so what did they expect.

After the excitement of tagging the calf was over, we moved her to the next pasture and life was good.

And the rest of our day was fairly uneventful. Thankfully.

Hope you have a great day!

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