I know this Easter post is coming a little late, but better late than never, right???

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We had our regular Easter meal at Grammy’s, but it’s what we did afterwards that really got everyone’s attention. You see Abby is starting to practice hurtles for track. So, Marci brought a couple hurtles for Abby to work with at home.

Everyone came out to watch this whole process take place. A few may have been there to learn something about hurtles, others to support Abby, but let’s face it, most just didn’t want to miss an opportunity to watch someone wipe out. 😊 I know, but what can I say? It’s just the way we are wired.

Uncle Joe and Grandma Lois watched out the window.

Ashton and Alyssa showed Abby some warmup’s and practice routines.

A rule was put into place that if the crowd was going to “instruct” from the sidelines they had to be willing to go jump a hurdle themselves. That kept the grandstands pretty quiet. 😊

My favorite run of the night was Matt and Braya’s though. They decided they would race against each other.

No one said go, but Matt is off! He had to make sure he had the lead. You can see poor Braya was not even ready to go.

However, Matt tripped right before the hurdle, tackled it, and completely faceplanted! Braya gracefully flew over the hurdle and clearly beat Matt. You can see Abby’s face on the side of the picture above, and that was pretty much everyone’s reaction. We were rolling with laughter.

Don’t worry. He got back up and dusted himself up like any good cowboy would do. He even tried to win a couple more times. 😊

Here’s some more random pictures from the night…

(Yep, not happening… He may have gotten his leg a little higher but were talking a couple inches maybe.) 😊

That was a lot of pictures, but I hope you enjoyed looking at them! Aunt Punk (Grammy’s sister) came up from Florida for Easter so that was nice to have her there! Grandma did really well and she enjoyed visiting and watching everyone.

We had a nice Easter spent with family, enjoying food, fellowship, and games. But most importantly we are thankful for the reason we celebrate Easter at all. It’s not for the easter eggs, and the chocolate stash everyone has accumulated. We celebrate because 2000 years ago a perfect man died on the cross for our sins, so that one day, we would be able to be with Him in heaven. And all we have to do is accept….

Anyway, hope you all had a great Easter, too!


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