Ice Storm

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We weathered the storm! And thankfully, it wasn’t too bad.

Sunday night we got a coating of ice on everything, and I was praying we would still have power when we woke up in the morning. And praise the Lord, we did!

We probably ended up with a couple tenths of an inch which was plenty, but it didn’t bring down any power lines or tree limbs as far as I know. (Of course, I haven’t left the perimeter of my driveway since Sunday, so I’m not a great reference.)

The guys took hay around and made sure all the livestock was taken care of. I got several reports from them that the roads were EXTREMELY slick, but the tractor managed them fine.

And the best part about this ice storm is that the temperatures are warming to well above freezing and we should get rid of most of our ice today.

Hopefully you all weathered the storm as well!

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