Interns of 2021 Flashback

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We wanted to take a minute to do a little flashback to last year’s interns!

Brock did his internship in the spring.  Clint and Joe loved the experience he had with machinery as they were able to turn him lose on several day-to-day tasks involving equipment.

Grace did her internship in the hot, sunny months of the summer.  Everyone loved having her around because she always had a great attitude and was happy to do any task given to her.  She frequently got to work on her tan while spending many days in the side-by-side working on pasture management.

Lindsay did her internship in the summer as well.  While she’s been helping on the farm her whole life, we decided we could call it an internship as she was actually getting paid for her work!  😊  Lindsay got to experience both the cattle management side as well as the paperwork side as she helped pay bills, enter weigh sheets, and email customers.

An internship with Werner Family Angus allows the younger generation to gain hands on knowledge in a real-world production setting.  If you are interested in applying for an internship for this summer, please check out the home page (scroll down just a bit).  We would love to hear from you!

Hope everyone has a good rest of their day!!

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