Jake’s First Christmas Program

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For a couple weeks now, Jake has been loudly, very loudly, singing the songs he has been learning at school. So much so that I asked him to start practicing in the toy room. I was really excited for Monday night to come around so I could see my handsome boys on stage singing their hearts out.

The night began great! They all ate and let me get them dressed in whatever I wanted.

Wouldn’t you have been excited to take these four beautiful, happy children to a gym with lots of people? Ready to show everyone how well behaved they are. HA. Silly me!

I dropped the boys off in their classroom. Ty ran off and joined the rest of his class. Jake clung to my leg and told me how much he loved me and that he will miss me. That should have been my first clue.

I finally got out of there and met Joe and the girls at the gym. Most probably won’t believe me, but my girls (as long as I have snacks for them) sit there with their mouths full of goodies and are as good as gold. Tonight, however, they wanted to climb and play and if I tried to make them stay put they were not happy with me! At one point, I discreetly thumped Brook on her diaper-padded bottom (which she couldn’t have felt) but boy did the whole gym know she was not happy! O no, not happy one bit! Joe needed to walk around by then anyway, so in the end she got what she wanted!

When the preschool walked in, I was ready to hear my boys up there singing! Ty walked in like he owned the place. Jake, I wasn’t too sure about. When they finally get up there I was thinking, oh no, this is not going to go well.

Jake was almost hyperventilating. He kept looking over at me with the expression, “Please come help me mommy!”

Of course, being the great mommy that I was showing everyone that night, I left him up there. I wanted to go get him, but Joe was sure he would get in the groove of things and start singing like he has the past two weeks.

Well he did NOT get in the groove. And when they were done, they were supposed to sit with the rest of the class. I got this look the entire time, you could tell, even across the gym, that he was not going to let up anytime soon.

Me: “Joe, please can I go get him?”

Joe: “No, it will do you both some good.”

So, I was waiting patiently for the whole thing to be over so I could go get my boy. I was leaning back trying to keep Brook from falling from all the climbing she was doing. Well instead, I tripped her up; I really did not mean to, but she got her knee stuck and was letting the entire gym know she was not happy with me again! Thank you Brook! I decided I would use this as my excuse to go get my boy!

All was right in the world again!

HA! Silly me again!

Jake wanted to go home but Ty really wanted to see Santa. So I cuddled Jake in the corner while Brook messed up all the jump ropes.

We got to see Santa; Ty was over the moon happy. The other three could care less at this point.

We were done! Finally! All we had to do was go get the boys’ coats and head home. Joe was in charge of the girls and I was going to walk the boys across to their classroom to get the coats. We just stepped out of the gym when Jake threw up right where everyone would be walking.

Well darn; I thought we were in the clear. You would think by then I would have learned my lesson. I got him out of the way and tried to warn everyone that came out to avoid walking through the puddle of vomit. Women and children did great! All the men walked right through it. By the third dad who walked through, it I gave up. Joe came out and took the girls and Jake to the van while Ty and I went and got the coats.

We got home and everyone fell asleep almost as soon as their heads hit the pillows!

We did survive and are looking forward to next year!

Have a great day!  And Merry Christmas!

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  1. Normally keeping food in the mouths of Werner girls keeps them happy and quite.
    Sorry Jake didn’t like performing. Good time not had by all.
    Hang in there Heather.

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