Jessica’s Recital by Lindsay

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Last weekend Mom, Dad, Jessica, and Cody came back from Colorado to work our cows. Jessica also had her piano recital in Maryville the same weekend. So, Sunday after church some of us met up at Pizza Ranch for lunch before the recital. Grandma Lois made the trip and really enjoyed it! A change of scenery is always welcome.

Jessica played Beethoven “Fur Elise”. It’s really interesting to listen to. We decided Beethoven must have written the music at different times. There are some happy parts, and then the next second it goes to doom and gloom.

Jessica spent many hours and days practicing, learning, and fine tuning this song for the recital. Cody had heard this song so many times that while he was riding his horse through the feedlot he would be whistling the tune to “Fur Elise”. He took some ribbing from the guys about Beethoven in the feedlot.  

Here’s a picture of Jessica and her piano teacher, Peggy Katsion. After we moved to Colorado, they decided to keep doing lessons together over the internet. Which turned out to be the “norm” for everyone after COVID changed things up.

This is such a great picture of Grandma, Brook, and Jessica. Not everyone would be able to say their 99-year-old Great Grandma attended their piano recital in person.

Have a great day!

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