Joe and Heather’s Birthdays

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Joe and Heather’s birthdays are this week. In fact, Joe’s was yesterday (he turned the big 3-0) and Heather’s is tomorrow. And not only that, but they celebrated their anniversary earlier this month, too. I think Joe planned all that so he only has to take Heather out once. And he hasn’t even done that yet. (It’s not that Joe doesn’t like to take Heather out, it’s just that he doesn’t like to spend money. Poor Heather.)

Joe is the youngest of the four Werner children.

He’s in charge of most of the cattle stuff around here anymore. He also manages Werner Feed Efficiency Testing Center and coordinates all the activates down there.

He’s a wonderful father. He loves his little guys like no other.

And he’s a good husband. (I think. Heather will have to let us know the final verdict on that.)

Joe works hard and cares about others. He is just a great brother to have around.

And I couldn’t ask for a better sister-in-law than Heather.

She is truly amazing. She has four children ages 4, 3, 2, and 9 months and she still has her sanity! She is a wonderful mother and she loves her children more than we could ever know. If she does get the chance to get away for a little while, she can’t wait to get home to see her kiddos again.

Heather is also an excellent cook. And she enjoys it! She makes the best summer lunches.

Heather is kind and calm and is the best aunt to these kids.

We are so blessed to have Joe and Heather in our family!

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