June 13th Continued

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By Lindsay Hays

I’ve showed you what we did the morning of the 13th in the last blog.  I’ll finish the day up in this one!

Aunt Bon had snacks for Rhett’s baseball team that day. So in between everything we got 24 snack bags whipped out!

Here we are at lunch! I didn’t even know Matt was making this face when I took the picture!

After lunch we started chopping haylage.

Here’s Matt going through the new “certification” process with Aunt Bon.

Here’s someone dumping their load in the pit. Cauy will then push it up and pack it in.

These 2 girls would wait for someone to get done dumping then run shut there back door

Here Rhett and Cody were hauling. Cody’s learning the ropes so he can take over for Rhett when he leaves for his ball game.

Here’s Matt when he hauled the haylage back

Grammy and Brook driving!

That’s pretty much what we did all day! Aunt Bon, us girls, and Rhett left for the baseball game. While this crew finished up chopping for the day. It was a busy day, but we always have fun when everyone’s together!

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  1. No wonder Carolyn doesn’t want to spend the Summer here with the line dancers in Mesquite. Much more interesting at the Rocking W. Rebecca

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