June, Continued

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Where has the time gone?! We’re in the third week of June and I feel like school just got out. We’ve had a great summer so far. We’ve been busy with cattle, hay, and ball.

But today I’ll tell you about our night A.I.

Last year, we accidentally miscalculated the synchronization of our spring cows and ended up breeding them over the midnight hour. Well, it worked so well, and we had the best conception rates we’d ever had, so we decided to purposely try the same protocol again this year.

Only this year, we did not chop hay all day in the 100-degree heat only to stay up all night and breed cattle. This year, we took a little time off in the afternoon and headed out around 8:00 P.M. to gather the cows.

It was a gorgeous sight to see 150 cows head for the barn in the evening light.

We had a top-notch crew (per usual:) and the fun began.

We had the first cow in the chute by 9:00 and things were off to a good start.

We were clicking right along at about 30 head per hour. In fact, one hour, we were closer to 40 head.

Around midnight, our troops were starting to get weary.

And when we get weary, we get a little…punchy, Grammy calls it. Here, we are trying to remember the lyrics to “Little Bunny Foo Foo.” (You missed us bopping him on the head. Lol.)

But finally, sleep overcame.

We had a great night and the cattle stayed calm and cool. We worked the last cow at about 1:45 and were all home in bed by 2:30.

It was definitely a big night of A.I., but it was fun.

And it was a good thing Matt got a little catnap chute-side because he had to get up early and go play ball the next day. But they did great! They even won the tournament!

Have a great week!

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