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Awhile back, for reasons I can’t remember, I had Matt and Abby over for a couple nights. I don’t know about them, but my kids and I loved. Now most of the time I was too busy to take pictures but I got a few and probably at a time where they would have rather not be taken. Most the time they spent playing with the train tracks the boys got for Christmas and by “they” Joe is included. Now in their defense the box does say 3+.

They all did great playing with my little ones. We all hated to see them go when Bon and Will came home. My favorite part was feeding everyone; even Rhett came over for that part. I love having all 7 of the cousins here, they are fun to talk with and whenever they are here to visit it makes the day a bit crazier but much brighter! I need them around more often!

Another thing I noticed while they were here is Matt and Jake look like twins from behind!

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