Larson Cookout

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Okay, so I’m a little behind in posting because I may have accidentally misplaced my camera for a few days. Oops! So I’ll try to get caught up sometime this week…
Last Sunday we all got together at Lewis and Martha’s for a bonfire to celebrate Lewis and Shaun’s birthdays.

Rhett went home with Lewis and Martha after church and went fishing with Lewis. They were quite successful so we went ahead and added fish to our menu at the last minute. It was delicious!

Then the kids cranked the homemade ice cream to perfection.

And Abby played Cat’s Cradle with Grandma.

Then we played a baseball game. (The cows enjoyed watching.)

And then we ate!

After supper, Tate and Rhett went frog hunting. They were not successful finding any frogs, but they were able to catch a duck! Apparently it had a broken wing and had found a nice place to live on Grandma Martha’s pond.

Little did it know it would meet the family that night.
Robby and Aimie

Shaun and Dana (I love this picture!)

Lewis and Martha…it had gotten a little chilly.

Will and Abby

We had such a fun time!
Hope you all had a great weekend!

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