Last Group

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We brought the last group of spring cows home from the stalk fields yesterday.

They were eager to move.

So eager, in fact, that one gal slipped around the Kubota.

And of course, where one goes, more will follow.

But then they saw the error of their ways.

Doesn’t it look like they’re talking to each other…

“Uh, Henrietta, I think we were supposed to stay behind that little orange thing.”

“Oh, Bessie, I believe you are right. What were we thinking? Let’s let that nice young man back around us and fall back in line where we belong.”

And that’s just what they did. Bless their hearts.

And the rest of the drive went smoothly.

Now we’ve got all the spring cows worked and sorted into their calving pastures. And Heather just told me we have eight new babies, so spring calving has begun!

Have a great weekend!

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