Little Refresher… by Lindsay Hays

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This time last week we were all sitting inside trying to stay warm, or at least dreaming of being inside trying to stay warm. Unfortunately, when it’s the least fun time to be outside farmers/ranchers are still required to leave the warmth of their home and check on the livestock.

The pretty remuda coming to check out the action!

And here is Matthew with his treasure that he retrieved which was hanging from the roof.

I thought we could make a pretty sweet snow castle and use all the ice sickles to stick around it for protection. However, everyone thought that it was much too cold to be outside playing.   And in their defense, it was, as the temperature was not getting above zero….

Anywho that’s the weather that we were dealing with last weekend, and now when it’s 15 degrees it feels like summer. 😊

Enjoy the sunshine that we’re supposed to get the next few days!

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