Loading Steers

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We loaded out our Larson steers yesterday.

I just loved those guys.

We raised them from babies and have been able to care for them and watch them grow.

Here they are in November, at about 7 months old. This is actually a picture of Matt’s calf. He and Rhett each picked out a steer to purchase so they could get a real feel for the cattle business. It was amazing how quickly they went from just helping work the calves to taking an acute interest in the care and well-being of their steers.

Plus, they liked to compare each other’s calves to see which one was better. Lol. In the end, Matt’s out-weighed Rhett’s by 40 pounds. But Rhett is pretty sure his calf is going to have higher marbling so he thinks he’ll get paid more. Boys. Always a competition!

In the end, I was very glad that they got to have a little “skin in the game” and experience the risk and reward of raising cattle. It can be a wild ride!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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