Looking Back…

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I was looking back through some pictures and I came across this one for 2010. It made me smile.

These punks look so little! And please tell me who on earth was in charge of these children. I mean, they’ve just dug a hole in the yard for Pete’s sake. (And the grass was just so thick and lush…) And then they gathered every dirty bucket they could find, filled the hole with water, stripped their shoes and socks off, and took a little dip.

And this was about two days after Rhett had broken his thumb, and I specifically remember the doctor telling him not to do anything more active than play chess. And he gave strict instructions not to get the wrap wet or dirty.

Where was their mother/aunt?!

She was no doubt in the house folding six loads of laundry, washing the dishes, mopping the floor, paying the bills, balancing the checkbook, and making the beds. All of which she had been putting off till naptime when she finally got a little peace and quiet.

Oh wait, actually, I bet she was in taking a little naptime for herself.

Ah, the good old days…

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