Many Hands Make Light Work

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We had an early out from school on Wednesday. That meant I had a house full of extra kids as these guys all go to our church AWANA program with me in the evening. So what is one to do with so many energetic hands? Put them to work, of course!

We had 500 Christmas card to stuff, stamp, and seal, so these kids jumped right in. And see that empty chair there by the young man standing up? That’s mine. I helped, too, although these guys might tell you differently. They’re sharp little squirts and perceived that I was the “supervisor” which meant I just walked around and told others what to do while I did nothing myself. HA! Do these guys have the business world figured out or what?

Anyway, it wasn’t long and we had the job done. We estimated we did about ten cards a minute which meant it took us a little less than an hour to get everything processed. And I was so proud of these guys because they didn’t complain about helping and they even asked if we had any more cards to do when we were all finished. Good workers, these guys.

As my mom always says, “Many hands make light work!” So true, Mom, so true.

Have a great weekend!

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