Matt’s Ranch

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So yesterday I told you about the branding that took place in our living room, but I thought I better show you that that’s not all that goes on up there. There is a living, breathing, thriving cattle ranch up there, man!

Let’s take a little tour and see.

Oh! Here’s Cody taking his mare and colt back to the corral. “Hi, Cody!” What a nice-looking pair. (And you can decide if the nice-looking pair is the mare and foal or Cody and his steed.)

And here’s Maynard and Clyde loading and feeding some corn. (I don’t really know these guys’ names…I have a hard time keeping track of who’s who.)

Uh oh. Truck trouble. Festus had to hitch up the team to pull the old Ram to the shop.

And I’d like you to notice a few things here. First, check out the horses’ harnesses. Pretty cool, huh? Then, notice the chain pulling the truck. Well, that’s Abby’s old necklace. I’m pretty sure she was done wearing it before Matt seized it. And finally, I would like you to notice how similar Cody (in the first pictures) and this cowboy look. You can see why it is so difficult to keep everyone straight.

Here’s the saddle rack.

And here’s Jose unsaddling his horse for the day. “Howdy, Jose!”

And here’s ole Wild Eye Ty catching his horse. “What’s up, Ty?”

Tucker’s loading a few horses…

For Jake to haul to the rodeo. “Good luck at the rodeo, Jakey.”

“Thanks, Aunt Bon.”

Let’s head around to the other side of the ranch and check on things there.

Here’s Clem repairing the old Johnny Popper. “Be careful, Clem. That looks dangerous.”

“Thank ye, ma’am. I’ll sure try,” Clem replied.

Well, that about sums up our tour. But we still haven’t found Matt. Where could he be? Uh oh. Oh no. Run! I’ve found him and he’s in trouble!

It appears he roped a bull and the bull didn’t much care for it.

“Hold tight, Matt. I’ll run get help.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

“No problem, Honey.”

“Mom, please don’t call me Honey in front of my cowboys.”

“Oh. No problem, Honey. Oops! I did it again. Sorry.”

“That’s okay, Mom, but please hurry and go get some help.”

“Okay, Sweetie, I’ll be right back.”

You’ll be glad to know that Matt walked away without a scratch. And that the bull went directly to the sale barn.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Have a nice day!

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