Mid Test Weights

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We weighed several pens of bulls at the feed test station yesterday. They were about a month into their feed test and we like to get a weight to check their gains.

Dad usually works at the back and loads the bulls in the alley. We used to have an Amish man help us and that was always his job, but he moved to Wisconsin this summer. I miss him. He was such a great guy. But Dad is fun to work with too!

My job is to run the chute and paperwork. We were fortunate yesterday to have Connor help, too, so that sped things up.
The bulls were all doing quite well. They were gaining about four pounds a day so we were happy with that. We aim for them to gain three and a half pounds per day, so they were exceeding our expectations.
We will continue to monitor their weight and intake for several more weeks until they complete their test. Then the real fun begins as we get to see which bulls were more efficient! I’ll try to write a post about that when the time comes.
Hope you have a good day!

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