Milk Cow!

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Well, I have something I have to get off my chest, and by the title of the blog you may have some suspicions. Aunt Bon and I decided to take on the undertaking of a milk cow! Now some of you may be rereading the sentence to see if you saw right, others may be rolling their eyes, and others slightly shocked.

The thing is Aunt Bon and I actually enjoy this! Not everyone in the family agrees with our thinking, but everyone enjoys the convenience of milk. My house has become the “grocery store”, just for milk though, so maybe I’ve become the milk woman. Who knows.

The unique thing about this milk cow is that she has a calf on her. Every night I go out and sort her calf off then we milk her in the morning and leave the calf in with her during the day. So we end up only milking once a day and let the calf have the rest.

Billie, the little calf, named after his mother Millie, is the sweetest thing. He is so willing. I just go open the gate I want him to go through and out he comes. His mother on the other hand has been a bit trying. Now I can’t say I blame her, but she has caused some drama with the whole experience.

When we first started milking, Millie decided she wasn’t going to give us any milk and would save it all for her calf. This really irked Aunt Bon and me. For the next few days, we played the game of who could outsmart who. Finally, we outsmarted Millie and came to a compromise. We would share the milk with Billie and let him suck on one side while we milked the other. It worked! Instead of spending 40 minutes to get ½ a gallon, we got over a gallon in 20 minutes. It was amazing! Now we just have to puppy guard our side of the udder, because Billie is making a name for himself of being the resident milk thief.

So that is the update on the milk cow project. Aunt Bon and I happen to be some of the people that love milking. There’s just something about sitting beside the cow and hearing the streams of milk pouring into the bucket. (Oh and the burning sensation in your arms, because it’s been a few years since those muscles have been used.) 😊

Anywho, hope you all have a good day!


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