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Abby has taken a keen interest in teaching lately. I was gone one afternoon and when I came back, Abby had rearranged her room into a classroom. She set up her desk and chair and supplies and even talked us into taking an old white board from the barn and hanging it in her room.

I am her pupil and this is my desk.

Will is her other pupil, unfortunately, his attendance is very poor. This is his stack of homework.

Miss Larson loves to write on the white board. She will go over a lesson with me on the board and then give me worksheets to see if I retained any of the knowledge she imparted on me.

She conveniently placed the “Turn In” basket beside my desk so I can easily hand in my assignments when I complete them.

Then Miss Larson grades the assignments and enters them in her gradebook which she found online and keeps me posted on my grades. So far, I have attained the “A” Honor Roll. But somehow, so has Will even though he has not completed all of the assignments…I will have to ask Miss Larson about that.

I really have had fun being back in class though I am thoroughly looking forward to spring break.

And spring break starts today!

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