Monday Meals

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Breakfast burritos!

These are great because you can have them at any meal. I fry beef sausage, scrambled eggs, and hash browns separately. I offer sour cream, cheese and salsa with these. You can put them together however you like, this is just what I always have and what we will eat.


Back in high school I made a rule that since I do not like shopping, if you want me to go along, you have to feed me. (I still have that rule by the way.) One time we were in Omaha and I had a Runza for the first time and loved them! They may make them in Iowa but I don’t know about it so I made my own! I make a pizza crust and while it’s rising I fry hamburger, chopped onions and chopped cabbage all together. When the hamburger is done I add Velveeta cheese just till it melts. I take a ball of pizza crust, roll it out and put a scoop of the filling in it then pinch off the crust. Before I put them in the oven I spread with butter and when they are done they should be golden brown. I haven’t made these in years; they will be on the menu very soon!

Pork and Spinach Wrap

These may be just for me and other spinach lovers. Joe and Jake will eat the spinach but I am only allowed to make these maybe once a month. I tenderize boneless pork chops, and then I put either the leaf spinach or drained can spinach on each, and sprinkle with cheese. Roll them up and secure with a tooth pick. Now, you can either bake just like that until the pork is done or you can put on a bed of spinach like I do! I shred extra cheese to add to my bed of spinach that usually all ends up on my plate.

Peppered Steak over Rice

I cut sirloin steak in chunks for this. I fry the chunks in a tablespoon of oil; add green bell pepper that I froze from the garden and Aunt Bon’s onions from her garden. I add a jar of whole tomatoes and a jar of tomatoes that I make with jalapenos, bell peppers, onions and seasonings. I put a lid on the pan and put in the oven at 250 for a couple hours, that way your steak will be nice and tender. I make a bag of Knorr side Mexican style rice. I serve with a bag of stir fry veggies and breadsticks. Yum! All that talk about vegetables from the garden has me really excited to start mine! Come on warm weather!

Mystery Burgers

Really this is just meatloaf and me telling my kids they are mystery burgers so they will eat it! (I’m sneaky like that.) I just take a package of hamburger, one egg, a package of crushed saltine crackers, and half a jar of salsa. When it’s done I slice it, put it on a bun and cover it with ketchup and pickles and they never know they’re eating meatloaf.

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