Monday Meals

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Nothing tastes better than a home-grilled steak. (Or better yet a home-grown steak.) So why not treat yourself to a nice, juicy steak for supper tonight! Your stomach will thank you for it.

Beef and Sugar Snap Peas
I love stir-fry dishes. They are quick, simple, and I consider them a one-dish wonder. Just slice up some sirloin steak into thin strips, season to your liking, and stir-fry. Then add your sugar snap peas and you’ve got a meal on the table in minutes. Serve over white rice with some soy sauce or whatever sauce you prefer and enjoy.

Southwest Beef Stroganoff
I made this for supper last week and it was really good. And apparently I’d made it before and really liked it because I had written “Good” beside it in my cookbook.

It is super simple. The Betty Crocker recipe calls for a pound of hamburger (browned), 1 cup water, 1-16 oz. jar of chunky salsa, salt and pepper to taste, 2 cups uncooked wagon wheel noodles, and ½ cup sour cream. You brown your hamburger and add the rest of the ingredients except the sour cream and cook it till the noodles are tender. I didn’t have wagon wheel noodles so I substituted with what I had. Also, I had to add a little more water as everything cooked, but you can use your judgement on that. Then, when the noodles are tender, add the sour cream and heat through. This was quick to prepare and very tasty!

Sloppy Joes
Okay, there are so many variations of Sloppy Joes that I’ll just let you make it the way you like it. Or you could brown your ground beef and just start adding things you haven’t tried before. Kidney beans maybe? Or mushrooms? Ashtyn would love these with mushrooms. She eats those things by the can full. Just experiment and you may discover a secret ingredient that sends your Sloppy Joes over the top!

Liver and Onions
Okay, I am not a fan of liver and onions, but I saw this on the menu where we ate supper Saturday night and thought, well, some people must like it. So if this is something you get a hankering for every now and again, or if your spouse really likes it but you really don’t care for it, maybe this is the week to have liver and onions. Or maybe you’re in the camp with me that thinks the only thing liver is good for is fish bait. Either way, set out a package of liver for supper…or for fishing.

Hope you have a good week!

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