Monday Meals

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By Heather

I am sitting here thinking of what to make for dinner today, and it is between two different things and both have chicken. The other day Lindsay mentioned I should put Snotty Chicken on one of my blogs. I know what you are thinking, eww! That is not really the name of it but the first time I made it Joe called it that and the name stuck, and I don’t know what the real name is. It is simply chicken wrapped in bacon with the mixture of cream of chicken, sour cream and cheese on top. Apparently the sauce on top looks a little bit like snot to Joe. He likes it though and requests it as well.

The other thing that is on my mind is Chicken Alfredo. You can do it the easy way and buy the jar of Alfredo sauce or you can make your own. I usually make my own but if for some reason I have a jar of Alfredo sauce, that tastes just as good. I cook at least 3 chicken breasts in butter. When it is done I add flour to make a rue, half a block of cream cheese, ½ cup of parmesan cheese, 2 cups of milk and garlic salt to taste. If I have cream I add that instead of the flour and milk. I steam broccoli and cook fettuccine noodles. I mix all mine together but some people dislike broccoli.

I made beef stew yesterday; it’s cold again so it was a perfect day for it. I had left over roast that I put in a crock pot. I also had beef broth in the freezer I added. I put in cut up carrots, and potatoes. I added a bag of sweet corn, and a can of green beans. I would normally add peas but I didn’t have any. When the potatoes and carrots are done I mix some corn starch with the broth to thicken it. I like serving biscuits with this but I can’t make them and I didn’t have any in my freezer so they got the oh-so-delicious garlic toast.

Joe requested Reuben’s the other day for dinner. I don’t like making these for dinner because then I would have to make them for more than just Joe and I. Joe informed me that Grammy used to make them for me when I came for dinner. But he should know by now that Grammy is nicer than I am. We did however have them for supper and I found out that Jake likes sauerkraut as well! I use the cheap deli corn beef, a can of sauerkraut, cheese and Thousand Island dressing. I put this on regular toasted bread.

I asked the kids what they wanted for supper tonight and for the last couple of months Ty has wanted “pop town wieners”. No one could figure out what that was. I still am a bit confused and wondering where he learned about whatever this is. I was looking for different pictures of food online and had him look at what popped up when I typed that in. It was mainly a bunch of different ways to have a hot dog, but there was one that was spaghetti with cut up hotdogs in the sauce. That is apparently “pop town wieners”. Who knew? So for supper tonight that is what I am going to make: spaghetti with cut up hotdogs in it! I am sure everyone will love it!

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