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We have been very busy moving cows around the past couple weeks. We brought all the spring calvers up and sorted them into their calving pastures. And we moved all the fall calvers out after we weaned and preg checked them. So I have a lot of pictures of cattle drives! And then Abby told me she doesn’t really read the blogs about cattle drives because they are boring. *Sigh*

I love cattle drive pictures! But maybe I’m in the minority? Maybe most people think if you’ve seen one cattle drive picture, you’ve seen them all? Hmmm…I will have to ponder that.

Okay, well, just to show you that not all cattle drive pictures are the same, have you seen Joe ride backwards before, Abby? That’s a new one, isn’t it? (Oh, I forgot, Abby’s probably not reading this. Oops!)

Anyway, Joe is famous for turning around on his horse when he is at the front of the cattle drive so it is easier to keep an eye on the cows behind him. I’ve always wanted to see what would happen when his horse shied one way or the other, but so far, he’s managed to stick in the middle.

I’ll end with this picture that I posted on Facebook yesterday because I am really curious what these guys are looking at! Here are some ideas I’ve come up with…okay, I guess I really haven’t come up with any good ideas. What do you think it is?

If I was a magician, this would be the perfect time to pull off my trick as their attention is totally focused somewhere else.

Hey cows! Now’s the time! These guys aren’t paying any attention to you! You could really have some fun with them if a couple of you tried to sneak between them. Heh Heh!

Wow. I must be in a weird mood this morning.

But have a great day!

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  1. That’s Uncle Joe. He does like to do some “trick riding” on the cattle drives! You should ask Rhett if he remembers what they were looking at. I think cattle drive pictures are fun, too. There’s just something about them.

  2. I saw Lindsay’s comment and thought there may be a funny part. Lol! So I did read it.

    And yes I have seen Uncle Joe ride backwards in his saddle once.

  3. I know that road and it’s still great to see black cows being driven up and down that road. Brings back lots of memories. Great looking cows.

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